Game Rules

1. Multi accounts

Only one account per user is allowed. A player discovered with more than one account will incur in punishments that go from a ban to the eradication of the account.

If you happen to share the IP with another account you may buy the Basic Package, but you must inform the Staff by opening a ticket at support.

2. Account Transfer

Account transfer is not allowed. If discovered, the transfered character may have their attributes reset and the resources deleted.

3. Character and Account: Main Features

Offensive and inappropriate screen names given to characters or to objects are not allowed. The Staff will correct the name and ban or delete the account depending on the severity of the case.

4. Transactions of money or objects

In Medieval Europe, direct handling of objects and money is not allowed, all transactions are monitored. Gross transactions or other suspicious actions will be checked and measures to prevent/stop this activity will be taken.

5. Game Modification/Development

All game features are subject to changes and testing without prior notice. It is possible then that some bugs will cause some imbalance in the game mechanics. In this case, some modifications will be planned in order to balance the game. These modifications will be made public before their application.

6. Player conduct

The Staff reserves the right to suspend and/or cancel an account (including a Premium subscription) without prior notice if a player abuses or harasses Staff or other players. Below is a limited list of unacceptable behaviour:

  • Completely ignoring/disobeying a Staff order
  • Lack of respect for the rules of the game
  • Posting copyrighted or vulgar content
  • Finding ways to conceal or exploit the system defects or game mechanics in order to gain a position of advantage
  • Insults and foul language towards other players
  • Continuously refreshing pages or other actions that stress or slow down the performance of the server
  • URL Manipulation or other techniques to gain in-game advantages
  • Use of bots to perform automatic actions

7. Payments

In the case of purchase of a special item or status, Administration responsibility will terminate as soon as that state or object has been purchased. If the player breaks the rules the account will be suspended and/or annulled without any refund. In case of character death the bonuses will be canceled and the remaining doubloons will be saved on the account for three months. If the players does not login for three months, the doubloons will be removed.

8. Advertising other websites

Introducing and discussing other websites in the designated forums is allowed. However, advertising other online web games is not permitted. The advertised sites should not contain adult content or material not appropriate for this site.